Name Change!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

When I first started my blog, I had no idea what to call it. I thought about calling it something exploring related. However, there are loads of exploring related blogs out there and I knew my blog wasn’t just going to be about urban exploration. At the time, I was already writing a Tumblr blog, where I just used my own name. However, I did not think that using my own name online was the right thing to do, so I tried to come up with something more anonymous.

I decided to use a version of my own name, but I always had it in the back of my mind if this was the right thing to do. Perhaps I was being overly paranoid. However, I read many articles and watched a few YouTube videos where content creators had been the victim of harassment and abuse. One even received death threats for voicing her opinion. Whilst she said that she had learnt her lesson and would keep her opinions to herself, it made me think, I do not ever want to be the subject of such hate.

Alongside writing my blog, I was also creating YouTube videos where I was putting myself visibly online. Whilst for many this is fine, I just started to feel strange about the whole thing and the more that I read, the more I thought that being behind the text and the camera was the safest option for me personally.

With this in mind, for my own piece of mind, I decided to change the name of my blog to Obscure Travels. I thought that the name also fitted a little better with my content as I like to search out the stranger places and the ones that are a little off the beaten path.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will continue to follow my adventures.