St James Church, Norton, Sheffield.

This is a beautiful church building. There is documented evidence that shows a Saxon church may have sat on this site as early as 1180. However, most of the buildings that remain today were built between 1200 and 1500.

As you can see from watching the video, many of the gravestones have been moved or made into the path that surrounds the church. Sadly, many have also been lost. The churchyard was renovated in 1959-1960 where unsafe tombs were removed. The churchyard was closed for burials in May 1869, when Norton Cemetery was opened on Derbyshire Lane.

The sculptor, Sir Francis Chantrey is buried in the churchyard. There is also a monument dedicated to him just outside the church gates.

In 1956, a garden of rest was created just behind the tower.

Sadly, the building was closed when I visited. However, once COVID is over, I will return for a look inside as from the picture that I have seen online, it looks beautiful.

Thanks for reading.